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Physion Dynamics

We have served hundreds of satisfied clients...

Our Mission

We have the mission to make health and fitness available and easily accessible to everyone around the world. We strive to offer the best of online coaching to everyone, with programs designed to achieve life changing results for any budget and schedule availability. 

Our Story - Why we are doing this?

When coming to weight loss or any kind of fitness goal, we always ask our clients the most important question of the assessment "Why do you want to achieve this?" By answering this question, it determines the client to really think and validate to her/himself on why it is they wish to embark on this journey. Drives them to deeply motivate to stay true to the plan and path of guidance to successfully achieve their goal in the best time possible, but also be able to maintain the results and never bounce back to where they started.

Now, with that in mind, we have decided to ask ourselves this very question..."Why do we want to be in this industry? There are millions of trainers around the world, why would someone in the Middle East or Europe or USA choose us over someone local?" Well...the answer is actually quite simple but complex at the same time. We want to help people understand the BEST way on how to change their bodies and live a healthy life naturally, efficiently and economically.   

Some of our Life Changing Transformations

We want EVERYONE around the world to get the right advice, right guidance and be on the right path when it comes to fitness and health. What this means is that they don't have to buy expensive gym memberships, follow erroneous or complex workout plans online or from untrained people in the industry, unclear and ineffective diet advices, but also not pay an arm and a leg when it comes to having a personal coach to offer the much needed light in the dark. 

As a business and entity, we started with out first client in 2017, operating under the name of Strong Dragon Training, however our Head Coach and Owner Dragos Dumitru Mutascu has been training clients and influencing lives since 2008 in the city of Hamilton Ontario Canada.

Since 2021 however, we have increased our team and platform and now operating under the current name of Physion Dynamics, we have successfully changed and transformed hundreds of lives, some in as little as 60 days. 

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